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Changes to the Texas Insurance Code
OSHA sites Healthcare as Poor Safety Performers
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Big News: The Dividend has been Declared!

Texas Mutual and HealthSure, your program manager, has mailed dividend checks to all policyholders in good standing.  This years total safety group dividend is $244,424.  Congratulations to each of you that work hard to provide a safe work place and properly manage your claims.  Keep up the good work.  $afety Count$!

Changes to the Texas Insurance Code could Impact your Hospital’s Costs.
Recent changes to the Texas Insurance Code Sec. 1305.005, impacts employers who have enrolled in Health Care Networks.   If an employer fails to properly notify their employees regarding their network participation, the employee will have the option to choose an out of network doctor.  Treatment outside of the Texas Star Network has a strong potential of increasing the medical cost of the claim and increase the indemnity benefits if the return to work process is prolonged.  The employer may also be subject to administrative fines.

 Out of Sight & Out of Mind?

Health care might feel exempt,

but it looks like we finally got OSHA’s attention.

This is a wake-up call for health care. OSHA is using blunt language in characterizing health care as very poor safety performers. With 16+ million employees across thousands of sites, incident rates far higher than general industry norms, low inspection rates, complaints driving half of hospital inspections, and millions of infections and 99,000 fatalities per year, health care makes an attractive target.

The new emphasis programs for nursing homes, residential care facilities, and ASCs/clinics are probably just the beginning. An industry view of TJC accreditation as the only program that matters, combined with the relative lack of OSHA inspections and low penalties, has marginalized occupational health and safety programs within health care, created high incidence rates, and nurtured the myths discussed in this paper. Health care may see OSHA as an abstract concept, but OSHA has marked health care as a high-hazard industry.


The poor RFI response rate only strengthens OSHA’s perception that health care is not serious about infection control. The setting begs for regulatory intervention, which OSHA asserts in the RFI was very successful in similar circumstances for bloodborne pathogens and TB. There are no health care exemptions to the OSHA requirements, and years of operating under the honor system haven’t worked. Health care must put the same emphasis on OSHA programs as they currently give The Joint Commission. To do otherwise is negligence.  Read the full article by Scott Harris on ohsonline.com,here.

Synopsis taken from oshonline.com April 1, 2012

Texas Mutual Insurance Company launches Toolbox Talk.toobox

Get Free Safety Topics Delivered to Your Inbox

Toolbox Talks streamline your safety meetings


If you want to improve your productivity and reduce your operating cost, register for Texas Mutual’s monthly Toolbox Talks.


Each single-topic Toolbox Talk is:

  • Free. Toolbox Talks are a benefit of your Texas Mutual® coverage. 
  • Convenient. Once a month, we’ll send a new Toolbox Talk to your inbox.
  • Short. Supervisors can hold safety meetings in as little as five minutes.
  • Multipurpose. Each one-page Toolbox Talk includes a short safety message and discussion questions on the front.  The back side is a poster you can display to keep the message alive during the work day.

Each Toolbox Talk topic is avaliable in English and Spanish.



Send an email to safety@texasmutual.com with Toolbox Talks in the subject line.  In the body of your email, give the following information:

Company Name

Policy Number

Person to receive the monthly topic

Email address

Indicate your choice of general industry, construction industry or both


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About Safety News:        
It is our hope that this publication, in addition to
Texas Mutual’s Safety Resource Center, proves a useful tool to promote safety in our members’ hospitals. The newsletter will focus on Safety Issues that specifically trend to our membership hospitals.

We hope to hear from you on safety issues your hospital is facing and on successful safety procedures you have implemented. It is the Safety Committee’s goal to create a collaborative exchange of ideas that contributes to making all of our hospitals safer which, in turn, will increase our Safety Group’s benefits.

Please send your ideas, questions, and comments to safety@hotcomp.net.

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